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Imagine paying an insurance premium of $15.50 on your home.  For three years.  Yes, three years for $15.50.  This was the first policy written in 1871 from the W. G. Everett Agency, the name changed to Gordon F. Burns Agency in 1958, and the policy still hangs on the wall.

Prices may have gone up a bit since then, but one thing remains the same.  The current owners, Gale Cheever and Brenda Letourneau, are committed to providing sound advice, access to the right policy at the right price, and outstanding service.  Gale joined the agency in 1976.  The office was across the street from where we are now, right next to the bridge.  Not long after Gale started, the covered bridge burned down.

Brenda began her career at the agency in 1980, working after school as a file clerk.  Betsy became a part of the team in 1985.  As time passed, Brenda and Gale offered to buy the agency.  This became official in 1992.  Over one hundred years since the first policy, scores of other businesses on Main Street have come and gone, and the Burns Agency continues to serve the community.

We’re proud to retain our customers.  Many clients have been here as far back as when Mr. Burns started.

In 2001, Gale and Brenda bought the building at 38 Main Street where their office is now located.  Months of hard work and investment paid off with a gem of a building with a beautiful river view.

Let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Gale CheeverGale Cheever
Brenda LetourneauBrenda Letourneau